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Some time back at the time of the release of iPhone or rather after some time of its release we had seen a pic of iPhone being compared to a Stone :P. Dont know if all have seen it but yes it was compared with a “piece of Stone”. Well that was funny but today its a much more funnier comparison here as this time iPhone is being compared with another Cell Phone and not some piece of stone. Check out the picture below and have a smile 🙂


Hi folks,

As we all know the recent talks and discussions and releases about USB 3.0. Most of the computer Tower manufacturers like Lian-Li, Cooler Master, etc have also started releasing their Towers with front and USB.30 ports and also some Motherboard manufacturers like DFI, etc have started putting in USB 3.0 on the boards..

I am a Cooler master CM690 tower user myself and it has a port of eSATA (External SATA) on your tower.. well this always stays empty in my case as i dont have or use any eSATA Hard-drives, but whenever i looked at it, i always, it always bothered me as i wasnt able to use it.. always thought if they can have a USB 2.0 pendrives.. why not those pendrives with eSATA port? Perhaps better and faster Read Write Speeds?

Well, today i came across this news by Active Media who released their 16gb and 32gb Pen drives/Flash Drives with an eSATA port / connection + mini USB port  / connection and they promises transfer speeds of 100MB/sec. Earlier the eSATA drives required its users to connect a USB cable as a power source for that particular drive from the computer. But now, many eSATA ports have USB capabilities built in so that power can also be ported through, and if you need a new flash drive with USB 3.0-like speed (but don’t have a USB 3.0 card), this might do the trick.

This is what Engadget has to say about it:

Who needs 200MB/sec when you’ve got… 100MB/sec? Nah, Active Media Products’ newest flash drives aren’t quite as snappy as those few USB 3.0 keys that are making their way out, but for folks who aren’t quite ready to upgrade (or are just dying to make use of that otherwise empty eSATA port), this here unit is the ticket. Outfitted with 16GB or 32GB of MLC NAND memory, these units boast sequential read and write speeds up to 100MB/sec and 55 MB/sec, respectively, and in case you cruise over to a legacy machine that lacks eSATA, a mini USB 2.0 port is also provided for universal access. ‘Course, a USB cable is still required in the eSATA port for power, but hey, at least you’ll be “with the times,” right? Check ’em right now on Amazon for $69.95 and $109.95 in order of mention.

Check out the picture of Active Media’s eSATA SSD Drive below:

Drive’s Specifications:

This new hybrid drive brings the speed of an SSD to a convenient eSATA flash storage device. By combining both eSATA and mini USB 2.0 ports into the same device it offers compatibility with virtually any computer. Take advantage of the lightning fast read speeds up to 100MB/sec in an eSATA port, or make avail of the USB interface in computers that lack an eSATA port. Pack 16GB or 32GB of data onto this drive and slip it into your pocket to take with you anywhere.

– eSATA and Mini USB 2.0 ports
– USB cable included
– Eyehole for attaching to a keychain or lanyard

– Read speeds up to 100MB/sec
– Write speeds up to 55MB/sec
– Both eSATA and Mini USB 2.0 ports
– USB cable included
. (USB cable is required in eSATA port, for power source)
– Fully compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1; both Mac and PC
– Supports Windows® 7 / Vista / XP / 98, Linux
– Hot plug-and-play
– No driver required for most operating systems
– Data retention: 10 years
– Dimensions: 3.1 x 1.1 x 0.4 inches (80 x 29 x 11 mm)
– Capacities: 16GB – 32GB

Some more words from the Main sources “Hot Hardware”.

Hi friends,

I’ve always wondered when at work or outside or while using computers other than mine and have always missed my own sets of basic applications such as my IM messengers, my browsers (other than IE), my other AIO (all-in-one) chat clients, my email clients etc. I always tell the person whose computer am using to put those applications as they are useful and come in handy.

Well, not all are like me. Most of the people don’t use their computers the way I use. Yea, my way of using is a bit different, I’ve dozens of applications running in background on my computer & Laptop which includes all of the apps I mentioned above.

Also when it comes to your work place ie. Your Office computers, your personal work computer given to you in your cubical, etc.. You can’t really ask the IT Department there to install your favorite applications or your favorite chat client or your browser or so. If you do that, you’ll probably violate the IT rule in that company or maybe you’ll highlight yourself: P

This is the time when the portable apps came in handy. Well there are millions of websites which allows you to download Portable apps so that you can carry around in your pen drive and you can use them when you are not using your computers but you still need those applications that you’ve loaded on your home computers or laptops.

You can easily find readymade portable applications online, but I prefer to make my own so that in that way I can have a latest version of the application instead of some old one. Specially for applications like Firefox and such, they keep on releasing new updated version very often.. and mainly when I make my own portable app, I can be sure that its safely made by me and hence doesn’t have any hidden Trojan or viruses! You don’t wana use a crappy portable infected with virus on your friend’s computer or at your work computer after all.. do you? Also, you can find 100s of tutorials and guides online which will teach you to how to make your own favorite application a portable one. Many are too complicated and some need some 3rd party software to do that. Well I’m presenting a much simpler version and a shorter version which is in simple language and screenshots that you can just look and read and follow.

Okay now, enough of the words, let’s get to the steps and method. For this today am using Firefox 3.6 (latest version of Firefox).

To make it very simple, I’ve used less of the words and more of the screenshots which you can just look and follow.

1st of all, you need to download the setup file of Firefox 3.6 which you can download off its site.

Once that is done, you need to have 2 main applications to make it portable. One you need is Universal Extractor a free-ware and other you need is a basic WinRAR application which is there in almost all systems today.

Okay, after you have finished downloading UniExtractor, just install and while you follow the installation wizard, please leave the settings as it shows, DO NOT change anything or any files extensions.

Once, installation is complete, follow the steps and screen shots given below and do exactly the way I’ve done.

As you can see above image, all you have to do is Right Click on the downloaded Setup file of Firefox and then go for the option UniExtract Here or UniExtract to Subdir.

Once you do UniExtract, you should see a folder by the name of the setup file in the same folder where you had your setup file. In my case its on the Desktop.

In this case of Firefox, when you UniExtract the setup file and go into the folder created after extracting the file, you’ll a couple of folders and a setup.exe file in that folder. Kindly ignore all of that and just Double-Click on the folder “nonlocalized”. In that folder you should find Firefox.exe (which is the actual exe of the file which will execute Firefox browser). Once you find that exe file, just check by executing the exe file to verify if the browser opens properly here. Double click on that exe and it should open Firefox browser window. In case of other applications, you may not find so many folders as you did in Firefox, perhaps all you need to do is look out for the correct .exe file which executes the program. Anyway, getting back to our Firefox here, once you’ve double checked and verified that the browser is opening by double-clicking the firefox.exe file, the next thing you have to do is Select all the files in that folder and then click on “Add to Archive”. This is where the role of WinRAR comes in.

When you click on “Add to Archive”, a new small WinRAR window will come up on the screen and in this window you need to follow the exact settings that i’ve done here, ie. Give the name of the file that you are creating, in my case I’ve given Firefox 3.6_portable.exe. Keep the compression method to “Best”. Don’t forget to click on Create SFX archive.

Don’t click OK yet, you are not yet done with the settings. Once you are done with the settings on this page, you need to click on “Advanced” tab in the same window and and then click on “SFX Options” and follow the step show below.

In SFX Options, by default you’ll be under General Tab and there you need to follow the exact step that I’ve show in the picture above. You should put the exact name of the exe file which executes the program (in this case its firefox.exe, which we had tested a couple of steps above).

Now click on “Modes” Tab and select the options “Unpack to temporary folder” and Silent mode to “Hide All”

Now, you can Click “OK” and you are good to go! Sit back and let WinRAR do its work. Once its done, it’ll create an exe file in the same folder by the name that you gave while creating its portable in WinRAR in the step one. Just Double-Click on it and check if its opening your Firefox browser nice and smooth

That’s it folks, Congratulations, you’ve created yourself your own Portable Firefox file. All you have to do now is put that exe file into your USB drive and carry around with you. You can follow the same steps to make your own portable Pidgin, Trillian, Alcohol 50%, etc. etc. Try it out and let me know how it works for you!!

Click Here to download the portable version of Firefox 3.6 that I created while composing this Tutorial/Guide 🙂


As we all know about the recent Nvidia’s driver issue.. the driver version 196.75 had a problem which made the gfx card’s fan issues and ending up in frying the GPUs.

Anyhow.. they’ve now released the new fixed beta drivers which has solved the Gfx Card Fan Issue.

Not just that but have updated their Physx version (as usual) and increased / better performance support for the games like Crysis Warhead, ME2, etc.

According to TomsHardware:

Wednesday Nvidia released a new set of beta drivers that supposedly resolves the fan speed issue caused by the previous 196.75 WHQL driver release. Listed as GeForce 197.13 beta, this new set also adds support for ION, GeForce GT 320, GeForce GT 330, and GeForce GT 340. To download the beta drivers, head here. For more information on what these beta offers, here’s the changelog:

  • Adds support for Next Generation ION.
  • Adds support for GeForce GT 320, GeForce GT 330, and GeForce GT 340.
  • Upgrades PhysX System Software to version 9.10.0129.
  • Upgrades HD Audio driver to version (for supported GPUs).
  • Increases performance in several PC games from v196.21 WHQL. The following are examples of measured improvements. Results will vary depending on your GPU and system configuration:

* Up to 13% performance increase in Crysis: Warhead with a single GPU.
* Up to 30% performance increase in Crysis: Warhead with SLI technology.
* Up to 13% performance increase in H.A.W.X. with single GPU.
* Up to 15% performance increase in H.A.W.X. with SLI technology.
* Up to 30% performance increase in Left 4 Dead with single GPU.
* Up to 28% performance increase in Left 4 Dead with SLI technology.

  • Adds SLI and multi-GPU support for top new gaming titles including Assassin Creed II, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Command and Conquer 4: Tiberium Twilight, Grand Theft Auto IV: Episodes from Liberty City, Mass Effect 2, Napoleon: Total War, and Zombie Driver.
  • Enhanced SLI support for Metro 2033, Supreme Commander 2, Unigine, and World of Warcraft.
  • Adds override anti-aliasing support for Mass Effect 2.
  • Includes numerous bug fixes. Refer to the release notes on the documentation tab for information about the key bug fixes in this release.
  • Users without US English operating systems can select their language and download the International driver here.

  • Okay guys, today am starting / including a new section in my blog. That section will contain all my Used Hardwares (Computer ofcourse) & other PC stuff that i’ll be putting up for Sale.
    Today, I’m selling my hardly used 3months old Deathadder. I had purchased this beauty in the middle of the night from a friend who had got it as a gift or prize or something from US or New Zealand (dont remember for sure).. The reason was i was left w/o a mouse and and needed one urgently and wanted a gaming one (as i’ve always used one.. my previous mouse was Razer Copperhead) and i was not in a position to wait for a couple of days till i got a new one..

    Anyway the mouse is around 3 months old (actually its a bit above 2 months old) and is in Excellent condition. No warrany for the product for the obvious reasons i’ve mentioned above. I probably have its box but not sure about it but anyways not really needed in this case. The mouse is not at all abused as i’ve hardly used it.

    Reason of sale: Am not comfortable using this mouse.. its tiring for my hand and palm and fingers. Basically i was never that comfortable with Razer mouse except for Copper Head. At the time of purchase i knew that i wont be that comfy with the mouse, but what the hell.. middle of the night, mouse urgency, i said screw it lets go for it 😛

    Looking for a quick Sale as i NEED to purchase a new mouse or a different mouse which is suitable for my hand.

    As i said, no problems with the mouse what so ever, Razer mouse are also known for its toughness and rugged usage (hence making it more suitable for gaming). Not abused either. Only selling it coz its giving me probs for my hand.. perhaps its better for Razer compatible ppl and hands.


    You can check out the Pics below.


    Ever wondered what happened to the recycled metals apart from being re-used into some other kinda products?? Well i guess there are many Cool Gadgets made from Recycled stuff and mainly metal and fibre. Well how about a Recycled Steel “Transformed” into one of the “Transformers” character.. Optimus Prime. Yes this is the best Recycled Toy seen ever! none of the recycled gadgets or toys have been as cool as this ones and i guess never will be.

    If i had that kinda moolah and place at my house.. i’d surely put one of these besides my Fish Tank ..haha

    Check out the pics below.. I wish those to Asian Chicks come with it 🙂

    After BSNL started their 3G service and Price Cuts in their WiMax plans. They announced one more huge news! They are not releasing FTTH in Jaipur. FTTH stands for Fiber to the Home. They are going to be the country’s 1st provider to provide this FTTH service.

    Yes as the name of the technology states. They’ll be using Fiber Optics cables to bring in High Speed Internet / Broadband. This works in the similar way as the DTH services work. As on applying for DTH service we get our own dish antenna and we get the broadcast / telecast straight to our house from the Provider. Same way it’ll be working in the FTTH. Yet the installation and assembling is yet to be announced.

    Currently they’ve planned to provide this service to 68 Buildings in Jaipur but BSNL plans for 200 buildings in near future. The service will be provided by AKSH, yes BSNL and AKSH have tied up together in this and the FTTH service will be provided by AKSH.

    The technology is so advanced that it’ll provide minimal to 0 down time for their subscribers. Things will be mostly automatic, hence a customer won’t have to call the CC to make a complaint or report a downtime.  BSNL say its Self-Healing.. This means, whenever there is a down time or a problem in the server or the line, user won’t have to suffer any downtime as the Source Feed will automatically switch to the backup feed.

    FTTH is really going to be a huge thing in India as it’ll be used for High Speed Internet, HDTV, 3DTV, Video on Demand and Internet On Demand like in the USA. Yes this means that HDTV and 3DTV is not too far in the future for us Indians. HDTV was a dream around 5 years back or so when they had said that BSNL will be launching HDTV 1st but then things just vanished and they came out with IPTV and the market was flooded with DTH services and Local STBs.

    …The future plans are the cities like Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota, etc.. God Only knows When will that be in Cities like Mumbai & Delhi.

    No wordings out yet on the Tariff plans or Monthly capped usage capacity. The FTTH connection will be capable of providing the speeds up to 1000mbps.

    Hello People!

    Today i came across the worst news (may be kinda old but..) ever and that news is They are thinking of keeping Internet Usage Tax.. so the users will have to pay Internet Usage Security Tax.. and this is just coz of Microsoft’s another monopoly game or you can say conquering the global Market.

    But to be honest the idea is really absurd and stupid and its more like they are working on how to make their customers leave Microsoft products and go towards Mac OS and Linux (even if they dont want to).

    According to Microsoft’s Executive Vice President Scott Charney, the Federal Government should / must impose tax and internet security tax on internet users to help Microsoft fix the malware problems. What a bummer.. or you can say lameness.. If Microsoft really wants to stop the Malware attacks and stuff, why dont they just appoint a group of experts and make them develop a tight secured Codes which can avoid all kinds of Malware attacks! but instead they seem to be more towards making profit off the issue by making the innocent user pay tax in the name of Internet Security Tax. We might see Microsoft’s upcoming products with a title of “Security Insurance” or “Insurance for your PC” and ending up the user / buyer asking him to pay more above the actual cost of the OS.

    If this news really come true or if the Federal Government approves the bill, this is not going to help Microsoft in increasing their profit but instead will make normal users to forcibly go towards Mac OS and Linux. Even in that scenario a normal user is not going to be able to afford a Mac PC so in the end its gonna just add up more to Linux community. Just wonder what made Microsoft Cheif Executive come up with this idea and not just come up but also go public with it.

    The good news is most of the internet loggers and experts have obviously given a bad response to the proposal and have compared the whole thing with recent Toyota Fiasco but with a cleaner side given to Toyota..

    An eminent engineer working for a top tech firm in America adds: “Microsoft will do anything to increase their revenue. They tax hardware, they tax manufacturers, customers, and now they want to tax the Internet. All these taxes serve to inflate the price of IT and make their obscene profits seem relatively small.

    Main Source

    Today we caught up with Neil Dutton and Peter Farmer of the Marketing team over at Sony Ericcson. They gave me a quick demo of the upcoming Rogers Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10. First and foremost the device does not even compare to anything Sony Ericsson has put out in the past. This is a new brand new beginning for them and the X10 clearly shows it.

    This will come with Android OS 1.6 and has a beautiful 4-inch screen WVGA touchscreen that’s scratch-resistant (resolution is 480×854). You’ll see in the video the movies take up the entire screen with no wasted space. Overall the X10 weighs 135 grams and has an elegant look/feel to it. If comparing to other Android devices even the iPhone, this is one you should consider as the design is a massive shift to a better overall experence. This will be available in Black and also Rogers will be releasing a White model at release (sometime in Q2).

    It comes with everything you could want: 8.1-megapixel camera with auto-focus, 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack and the new “Mediascape”, “Timescape” and an “infinite” button” that brings everything in your world together.

    Check out the video below:

    Source: MobileSyrup

    Hey people..

    I know its been really long that i’ve updated my blog.. well i believe i’ll now update the blog only for usefull and happening stuffs instead of just spamming with all Tech news 😛

    Today I came accross a new software which reminded me of Saif Ali Khan’s add for HP laptops (if am not wrong) which boasted about its proprietary software and it was a Face Recognition software which allowed its users to Login to their Windows’s Account just by looking at the webcam / screen. It also showed Saif with heavy beard and still was able to log in.. lol

    Well, screw the proprietary crap and here we have today a freeware from Luxand and its the same Face Recognition software which allows users to login just by looking at the screen or blinking at it. This software is also able to detect your face even when u have a new Haircut, Unshaved, Shaved, Different Styled Beard, Heavy Beard, Glasses, Contacts, etc etc..

    Its a small software around 8.3mb and i dloaded the software and installed it. The software installation is very simple for any computer newbie can do it. Once you finish installing the software, you have to follow a couple of steps in the wizard where it asks u to sit in front of the computer normally (as u always do) and then look at the screen and then click Next to start the face scan. It’ll will also ask you to turn your face from Left to Right slowly for better results of Face Recognition at the time of logins. Sadly, as per Luxand this software works with 32bits of Windows only (or does not support 64bits of Windows as of now).

    A detailed look at the software from Luxand’s Website:

    Login to Your PC by Simply Looking!



    Logging into Windows has never been easier! Just look into a webcam for a moment, and you’ll be logged into your account before you notice. Blink! employs advanced face recognition technologies to provide automatic, quick and reliable login to one or many computer users.

    Reliable Login under Varying Conditions

    With Blink!, you can login day or night. Sophisticated face recognition algorithms adjust for varying lighting conditions automatically, making login possible without additional training no matter whether window or artificial lighting is being used.


    Changed Haircut? Swapped Glasses for Contacts? No Problem!

    Advanced biometric identification algorithms used in Blink! help it cope with changes of your personal appearance. Grow or shave off beard and mustaches, use makeup or dye you hair, wear or remove glasses or contact lenses – Blink! will let you in to your PC no matter what.

    Improved Security

    No one remembers those long, complex passwords demanded by your corporate security policy? They don’t have to! With Blink!, users sign into their accounts by simply looking at a webcam. There are no false positives and no delays in letting authorized users into their accounts.

    Catch Identity Thieves

    Blink! provides additional security benefits by making it simpler to computer users to automatically unlock their PCs by simply looking into a webcam. Stolen passwords are becoming less of an issue as Blink! photographs and timestamps users every time they log in, no matter whether they use a password or biometric sign-in. Journaling account logins helps identify hijacked accounts and find out about who logged in using stolen credentials.

    Download Luxand Blink! for Windows

    Try it now, and you won’t want to type your passwords ever again! 


    Luxand Blink! 2.0, released on 02/09/2010  
    File size: 8.3 MB
    Supported OS: Windows Vista and Seven 32bit only